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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lucky Girl!

St. Patty's is comin' up and I decided to get back into making more kits again, so maybe here and there you will see one on my blog lol I wont make a ton for here though because of other projects that will get the majority of my scrappin' mojo! LMAO whatever mojo I got left or some odd bits layin' around, I will get them on here for who ever wants em!

Thanks so much!! I hope you enjoy Lucky Girls!!

Only $1.00!!

New Template!!

Another new template for you!!

You can download it HERE

Keep your eyes peeled cuz I made a little kit up to go with this template!!
Coming SOON!

New Template!

New template for you!

Download HERE
Wednesday, February 10, 2010

5 Masks for you!

Here is a small bundle of 5 masks! I have been going through my files and finding things I made just for tags that really have just been used n forgotten lol so I figured I could share 'em and they can get some more use! I hope you all enjoy!


New Template Pack for you!

Here are the latest 3 templates that I made for some challenges at Stalkers and Tut Stop! I hope you all enjoy!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Template for you !

I made a tag for a challenge at the Stalkers forum and totally mucked up by not reading thoroughly to use the templates we were directed to along with the other things ... I did everything else but just missed that part and ended up making this template below while I was making the tag LOL so my muck up worked out for you all LMAO I hope you enjoy!


New Template!!! WEEEEEE

New template I made while I was makin' a taggy for my Ismael Rac SOTM exclusive YAY!! So I thought I would share the template with you!!! I hope you enjoy!

Friday, February 5, 2010

WOOO Templates GALORE!


I have been going through all my old supplies. I usually made all my templates and masks and stuff for groups I was in to contribute to challenges and what not. But, like I said, I have been going through them and bundling them up into packs and zipping 'em up so I can post them all here for you! YAY! Now mind you lol some of them were made like 2 or so years ago when I was very new to template making...But hey, you all are fantastic artists an can totally dream up something awesome!! Not to mention I will be adding all my new templates & masks for download from here on out!

So keep your eyes pealed! I will prob be adding a few packs of templates up tonight!

WOOOO!! Two more tuts using my stuff!

Willow has done it again...TWO times LOL She has some awesome new tuts up and 2 of them use my goodies!!

This one uses my mask, it is called All I want .. just click the image to get to it!

This next one is so cool and so pretty! She uses my template and another mask of mine..I just love it! It is called Let me touch you ... just click the image to get to it!

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